Model FAQ


Who are we and what do we do?

AK Media International Ltd specialises in online platforms for performers to earn money in the adult industry. The business is run by performers just like you that understand the industry and what you need to be successful. All our sites are operated with a community spirit where performers can interact, share experiences, and support each other. All our members are offered the opportunity to join our social media chat groups and participate in local events or shoots when available.

Our sites are designed to appeal to different target audiences and performers of all body types and styling, if one is not right for you, do not worry, one of the others will be a perfect solution for you!  Please check details for each of our sites in our overview video below



Our Sites Overview 


Do I Have To Pay To Have A Profile?

Profiles on our sites are free to use for models. We simply take a percentage of each sale. We do however have packages that provide additional management of performers profiles and access to more marketing tools if required. If you are interested in these services, please contact for more details.


How Do I Earn Money?

You simply upload content to our site and our members pay to view it! You earn 80% of each sale you make. There are also many different tools to help boost your income;


  • Custom Content - Charge more to make exclusive personal content for your individual fans.
  • Paid picture and Video Messages – create intimate connections via messaging and charge your fans for extra pics and videos.
  • Sell us additional content - We will pay you for video or picture sets for our premium members area. This is a great way to reach more traffic and also to top up your earnings to reach pay out.
  • Use our webcams – Connect with members from all our sites and other networks to maximise earnings from live cam shows
  • Win competitions! – We run various competitions to win bonus payments or shoot trips
  • Use MyFansPage to create your own monthly subscription. Note; All earnings from different sites are added to one single financial account to help you reach minimum pay-outs with ease.  

For more information and tips on maximising your earnings check out our tutorials here
Once you've reached £100 you can request your payout. Payouts are done twice a month (the cut off dates are the last day of the month, and the 15th). It will then take a few days to process each payment. You have the option to have your money transferred directly to your bank account or added to your PayPal. 


What Should I Upload?

Photosets must be a minimum of 20 images, but we recommend aiming for 50+. Photosets should be a themed group of images, rather than a collection of random images. You should use the same lighting, location and outfit throughout the set

Videos must be a minimum of 2 Minutes long and must not include any copyright music. File size should be a maximum of 2GB, and the file must be .mp4 Please make sure that the file name doesn't include any spaces or special characters. If you are using an iphone, you can change your video output settings to mp4 format or download a video converter app from the app store. Content levels and requirements vary depending on the site as follows;


Must include at least 10 topless images (nipples showing). Maximum level is playboy nude. No open leg shots, toys or insertion. Alternative style models with Tattoos, piercings, coloured hair and edgy outfits.

Candy Crib
Must include at least 10 topless images (nipples showing). Maximum levels are open leg and toys. Suitable for models with youthful look (appear 18 – 22). Fresh styling with cute girl next door models that fit the theme of “where nice girls play naughty”.

Naked Glamour

Must include at least 10 topless images (nipples showing). Maximum levels are open leg and toys. Suitable for Professional glamour models, Adult TV hosts and Adult movie stars, glamour outfits styling and make up.

Lesbian Lovers

Must be girl girl content with at least 10 topless images (nipples showing). Maximum level, open leg, toys and girl on girl sex. Suitable for professional and semi professional models working to girl / girl levels.

Must be girl girl content with at least 10 open leg images. This is an amateur, homemade porn hard core site. Suitable for performers of all ages or body types, Maximum level is boy girl penetration. Post-production should be minimal to give home produced feel but lighting and focus should be clear throughout.

MyFansPage is a performer subscription-based site with the added advantage of being accessed with the same log in details as the above membership sites. Your earnings are combined from any sites you use to give one single financial account. There is no theme for MyFansPage, each model’s profile is a blank canvass for them to decide what levels of content to upload as long as it fits within our general terms and conditions on restricted content. Your profile can be managed with discretion with selected content only available to subscribers or lower levels can be set for public view and used as social media to build your fanbase.  Suitable for all sexual orientations, body types and niches.




What Shouldn't I Upload?

Please refer to the above guidance for what is acceptable for each site. Also please refer to content restrictions in our Terms and Conditions which apply to all our sites. If you are a parent, please make sure you do not have any children's items in your background. Playing on age is something that we take very seriously, and we will not approve any content that we feel is inappropriate.


Does My Content Have To Be Professionally Shot?

Not at all! In fact, self shot content actually sells better than professionally shot content as long as the quality is good. Ensure focus and lighting are to good standards and vary poses and location to make content interesting. See our model tutorials for guidance on shooting the best content.  Our members enjoy the girlfriend experience, so using your phone and a timer will meet their needs! If you're planning on uploading content to our Premium Area, professionally shot content is favoured. 


How Often Must I Upload Content?

It's best to stay active on the site. You can upload content all in one session and schedule it to go live on different dates. This makes planning your work easier.. Uploading too much in one go doesn't always work in your favour, so we recommend uploading around 2 times a week. However, we recommend daily interaction using your bulk messaging options to maintain good interaction with your fans. These can include additional pay to view images and pictures. Models who don't upload within a 3 month period will have their accounts deactivated and will be removed from our social media group for our models.


Do I Have To Be Exclusive To AK Media Sites?

As a model, you don't have to be exclusive to to our sites, but with five available sites, webcams and a merchandise shop why would you want anything else. All our sites are managed from a single account, so using other platforms will just increase your workload rather than increase your earnings. Using our platform exclusively will increase the value of your content.


What Are The Basic Rules Of Our Sites?

- Be nice to your colleagues - bullying or rudeness is not permitted. You will automatically be removed from the website if found to be doing so to staff or fellow models on the site.
- Be professional to the members - always be kind and friendly, remember, the more you interact with members the more they will spend, so send them a message when they buy your content and say thanks!
- Be aware of your social media appearance - Please only use your model social platforms to promote your business, do not use them to cause arguments or be rude towards any member of the public, you are judged by what you post on social media and if it is unprofessional, then it makes us look unprofessional. You are part of a brand and anyone acting unprofessional on social media in any way will be warned and possibly removed from the site.
- Do not take members out of Xtremeplaypen or any of our sister websites - If you gain a loyal fan through our websites and they suggest you to book a private webcam, send them private photos/videos or do a private custom please inform the member this is against our rules and regulations. If you are found to be doing so you will be removed from the website and your tokens withheld - we take this very seriously, we have put thousands of pounds into making these sites and gaining a following, it's only fair you abide by these rules.
- Do not message members linking to other websites - Following the above, please do not under any circumstances ask members to message you privately, give out your personal email or send them to any other websites. If members ask for personal details or information on other websites please let them know this is against our rules and regulations.
- Do not use copyrighted music - please only use uncopyrighted music on your videos that you upload, otherwise your video will be rejected.
- Do not use copyrighted images - Because you are making money from your images, if they have been shot by another person/photographer you will need a copyright notice to say you own the copyright or you have been given permission by the photographer to use the images commercialy. By law, a photographer always owns the images so please make sure you get a notice BEFORE uploading.




How Do I Update My Display Name, Display Picture and 'About Me' Section?

You can update everything through your Control Panel once you've logged in. You'll find everything under the 'My Profile' header.

The main changes you can make are found on your profile dashboard when you log in. In the dashboard, select “Edit My Profile” under the “My Profile” menu


How Do I Upload Content?

You can upload content from your Control Panel, under the 'My Content For Sale' header once you've logged in. Please group your images appropriately with titles that describe the content such as 'Bath set' 'Nurse outfit'.


What Is The Difference Between Premium and VIP Content?

Premium content is included in the members monthly paid membership, they do not have to pay any tokens to see this content. We will pay you for sets or videos that are suitable for premium members on any sites. To submit content and for pricing please contact

What Are 'Main' and 'Free' Images?

The main image is the first image members will see of you or your set on our 'Updates' and 'Photosets' pages. It's important to choose an enticing image to make members want to see more. It's best to choose a portrait image as less of your photo will be cropped. If you choose a landscape image, it will be cropped to the center, so make sure the action is on show in the middle of the image. 

Free images show on your profile as a further preview of your set. You must choose three images to showcase your set. We recommend choosing a variety of poses / angles to show the progression throughout your set. This will make members more inclined to purchase the rest of your set.

If you feel like you aren't getting the most out of your set, feel free to change your main and teaser images.

How Do I Delete A Photo Album or Video?

You cannot ever 100% delete a photoset or video. You are selling a service to a member in which you cannot reverse, please bare this in mind whenever you upload content. You can however un-publish / disable content so it no longer shows on your profile. To do this, click into the photoset or video from your mange content page found on your dashboard, and select 'disable'. This means you can no longer earn from this unpublished set or video. Members who have previously purchased the content before it was un-published will still have access to it.

What Are Credits?

Credits are the online currency on our sites. 1 credit = £1.00

What Is Custom Content?

Custom Content is content that members order specifically for themselves. It will be seen by their eyes only and will stay on their account to view as and when they would like until they close their account. They will pay considerably more to have a specific set or video made for them by their chosen model. You can view your custom content requests under the “My Custom Request” heading in your dashboard. Here, you will be able to set your price, accept or decline requests and upload the requested content. Payment is reserved from the customers account when the order is placed and released to the model when content is uploaded.

How Quickly Do I Need To Upload Custom Content?

Once you've accepted a custom content request, you'll have 7 days to film and upload the content. You can film or take photos on your phone or webcam as long as they are good quality and not in dull light. Please complete custom content requests to your best ability and if you have any queries, give the member a message.

What Happens If I Receive A Custom Content And I Don't Want To Do It?

You're under no pressure to upload content you're uncomfortable with. If there's a request that you don't want to shoot, simply decline the request. When a member buys a custom request he has to abide by our website rules. 

Custom requests are great easy earners so always try to do a request to your best ability and get it back to the member as quick as possible.
If you are really unhappy doing the request you can click 'decline' Please do not click 'accept' if you're not willing to do the custom within 7 days.

We Have The Right To Charge You £20 For Admin Fees When We Need To Refund The Member Their Tokens Because Of One Of The Following:
- You have not completed your custom within the 7 day period
- You have completed the custom but not to the specifics that the member requested
- You have an outstanding custom and you are removed or deactivated from our sites

What Is The Tip Feature?

Members can tip you for any reason. You have a button on your profile (only viewable for members) that allows members to tip you. You receive 80% of each tip.

How Do I Message Members?

We have a live chat on the site for you to chat to members who are online at the same time as you. You'll see this as a circle in the bottom corner of the screen.

You also have the option to message members direct to their inbox. You can message fans individualy or in bulk and you can add pay to view images or videos.

How Can I Make The Most Out Of My Content?

The best thing you can do is to promote yourself and your content online. We recommend having an instagram and twitter account for promotion. Having your main site in your user name will help new fans know where to find your content such as, 'username_xpp. All posts should tag our social media relevant for that site. Please see all our social media contacts below. Also #our sites for maximum reach. Talk to members on the site too. Interact with your customers to say thank you for purchasing your content. Let them know when you upload something new. Ask them for new ideas etc. Stay active and consistent with everything you do! Check your Sales Report from time to time to see what sets are selling the best and replicate similar styles. You can also check which sets are not selling as well and avoid uploading similar sets. Find your Sales Reports in your dashboard under “My Profile” and clicking "reports"


How Can I Be Posted On The the sites Instagram or Twitter?

On Instagram, we re-post high quality images that we're tagged in on Instagram. We will only repost images that comply with Instagram's terms and conditions ie. no bare bums, no hand bras, no sexual acts. We also won't repost overly edited images, or any images with censorship / emojis. It's always best to tag us within your image, as well as # the site in the caption. We favour images which are high quality with good lighting and show models in sexy poses.

For Twitter, we post multiple times a day to promote recently uploaded sets and videos, and to announce new models and cam shows. We can retweet any tweets you tag us in.

How Do I See How Much I've Earned?

You can see your sales and available tokens from your dashboard. Under “My Profile” click “reports”, for your current balance and the status of your recent payout requests click “payout requests”

How And When Will I Get Paid?

You can request your payout once you have reached a minimum of £100. To request your payout, go to pay-out requests” under “reports” and click on 'Request For Payment' underneath your available balance. Before you request your payout, please make sure that you have added your bank details or paypal accountTo your profile. You can do this in your dashboard under “My Profile” by clicking the icon for “Payout Info” We process payments twice a month. Payouts requested between the 1st and the 15th of the month will be processed starting on the 16th. Payouts requested between the 16th and the last day of the month will be processed starting on the 1st. Payments can take a few days to reach you, and a little longer if the processing date falls on a weekend or public holiday. If you think there's an issue with your payout, please contact Kevin at 

How Do I Remove My Profile From sites

We can deactivate accounts so no new members can purchase your content but previous members who have paid will still have access to your sets and videos. If you want to be deactivated please email with a link to your profile and the reasons for wanting to be removed. 

What Happens To My Token Balance If I Want To Be Deactivated Or I Am Removed?
If your outstanding balance is below our minimum payout requirement of £100 you will not receive any of your outstanding tokens. The reasons for this is to cover administration costs for having to deactivate your profile and your content. The site is not built for models to come and go as they please, it is a site for models who want to be here for a long time, gaining fans and making money. If you are removed from the site for breaking our rules and regulations, the same will apply, if you are under £100 then you will not receive your remaining balance.

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